ScalPlayerScalPlayer v1.00 (beta) is a Commodore Amiga stylish Windows media-player for a couple of sound- / tracker formats (at time 1.071 supported formats / extensions). It is based on the beta release of SCAL DLL (x86-64). Also it is easy possible to search, analyse, play and save files direct from the modland-servers (see screenshots). To play as much as possible file-formats and its sub-songs the AmpMaster (x86) should be installed from the title menu (highly recommendable!). ScalPlayer can direct stream and download audios / videos from 4Shared (previews), Anonfiles, Bitchute, Focus, Gap, GMX, Mediafire, T-Online and Also download from ~1.745 more streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, VideoPress, Facebook, Twitter […] by using the forked tool yt-dlp of the inactive youtube-dl (stream mode must be activated). Download →



Spiga0_0A vertical shoot ‚em up based on the Atari cultgame Centipede. The aim is to shoot at everything on screen that’s all you have to do. There are 5 different gameplays. Five lives: try to catch as much as possible points by five lives. One chance: got only one live to shot at all. 90 seconds: shot all in only a limit of time. Fast hunt: try to kill the whole centipede in 15 seconds to get new bonustime. And Incredible: all four spiders will nerv while trying to catch points. All modes of game has its own highscore, which will be saved after exit. Spiga is a small arcarde game, so please don’t expect to much, coz this isn’t a complex gameplay at all, but it will spend a short funny and hectic time, hope so. Included as fullscreen and windowed compiled versions. Download →


Syntix_Menu0An Amiga remake game. Coded an Windows XP (x86), which was for gamecoders a must do to push up their coding skills in the classic AmigaBASIC language on Commodore Amiga 500, remembering it was an often coded gamemode at it’s time! The aim of Syntix is to catch as fast as possible a various order of stones. There are 6 gamemodes included: 60 Seconds, 90 Seconds and 120 Seconds where you must find a match of a 3×3 field and the quite difficult ones named 60 Wired, 90 Wired and 120 Wired, here the rows are in random size also the mainfield! Every gamemode has it’s own up to 100 highscores. Syntix isn’t a colourfull game but the greyshade colormode is used to get more atmosphere of the old days, hope so! Download →


OSDM_Demo2The OldSkool DemoMaker (OSDM) creates demos like cracktros on the good old Amiga then: horizontal and sinus scrolling text, bouncing copperbars, starfield in different modes, colorfull plasma effects, logo with old stylish deforming, copper and frame effect, 3d ball, dot & vector object view with animation and rotation, replays music in +250 sound formats eg. MOD, SID, V2M, FC, TFMX, HIP, CUS, SAP and much more, free use of display (window or fullscreen), export optimized standalone executables (no files loaded), compressing executables by different packmodes will shrink size upto 92%, so is able to create 64K intros, option to pack medias to use real large files. Own script coding engine. Also a lot of examples, bitmap fonts and different tracker modules included. Have fun! Download →


Alientrasure03_1A classical 2D alien shoot ‚em up programmed only for fun. You entering the solar system with all real textured and animated planets. There are different alienstyles like insects, hunter, rotating wheels, meteors…, all to do is to hit the aliens and catch it’s falling treasures. Sometimes they will spend a bonusmine which will powerup the hero, megablast and phasermode (at time 4 different). If they couldn’t catch by you they explode and activate rockets. After every played stage you will see a full statistic about your playing ability. New highscores will be saved. Very important, you must install the latest DirectX v9.0c from Microsoft before running Alientreasure. Download →


Atomix200401_1Do you remember the great Comodore computer Amiga? If so you must know one of the best logical games on it called Atomix by Thalion. This is the retrogame of it with a lot of new features and of cause much more levels. The very simple but neither difficult aim is to assemble atoms to a given molecule in a limit of time. I have included all original levels and many new ones with hindrances like mover, warps, bouncer, skulls, diverter, mines and a lot of more in it. Different gamemodes, free selectable levels, demomode, editor, highscore and a full statistic of every completed level. I decided to include the original soundtracks and a new one composed by myself, I would be proud if you enjoy or not patch it. Download →


Psypan02_1A Tetris like game with espect of logic and combination mind. The aim is to build rows of stones with less than 3 of same in horizontal or vertical order. All this rows will be erased and filled up with falling down new ones. A level is solved when the stonebar is fully green and even it must be happen of course in a limit of time. There are special stones which can move diagonally or have a magic effect too, bonustools to manipulate the playfield, different levelmodes, stonesets and much more in it. I used the good old tracker music format for background, nice sounds and it will help to make a smaller packed archive. Download →


Tie01_1What does Tie mean, the aim is to find out the various combinations of every selected stone on board. If a stone was turned, all assembled stones will be turned too. If all stones turned to color red the level is solved. There are different gamemodes like Synapsic, Apathetic, Gothic and Mystic. A demomode for learning the rules is included and even a replaymode for analyzing a completed board. Highscores and selected options will be saved for start next time. Tie is multilingual but only german and english. The music for background is taken from one of the best demoscene artists farb-rausch used in the intro fr-011 by kb called „picknick in the meadows“. Download →


DarkQuiz04_1A german language quizgame with more than 330 questions and a lot of graphical hints. When finished a game a full analyzed information of your answeres will be shown. There are different gamemodes like Wettkampf, Zeitdruck and Training. Highscores and selected options will be saved for start next time. You can choose a own background music in various formats eg. mp3. The graphic effects should always be turned off, course that’s was only implemented to learn more about programming in Dark Basic even I never thought that I would publish this game. Dark Quiz is my very first game I ever had coded on a Windows based PC, not the best in this genre but it’s for free. Download →