Alientrasure03_1A classical 2D alien shoot ‚em up programmed only for fun. You entering the solar system with all real textured and animated planets. There are different alienstyles like insects, hunter, rotating wheels, meteors…, all to do is to hit the aliens and catch it’s falling treasures. Sometimes they will spend a bonusmine which will powerup the hero, megablast and phasermode (at time 4 different). If they couldn’t catch by you they explode and activate rockets. After every played stage you will see a full statistic about your playing ability. New highscores will be saved. Very important, you must install the latest DirectX v9.0c from Microsoft before running Alientreasure.

Download – ALIENTREASURE v1.02.156 (x86) – 13.08.2005 – 4.78 MB