Spiga0_0A vertical shoot ‚em up based on the Atari cultgame Centipede. The aim is to shoot at everything on screen that’s all you have to do. There are 5 different gameplays. Five lives: try to catch as much as possible points by five lives. One chance: got only one live to shot at all. 90 seconds: shot all in only a limit of time. Fast hunt: try to kill the whole centipede in 15 seconds to get new bonustime. And Incredible: all four spiders will nerv while trying to catch points. All modes of game has its own highscore, which will be saved after exit. Spiga is a small arcarde game, so please don’t expect to much, coz this isn’t a complex gameplay at all, but it will spend a short funny and hectic time, hope so. Included as fullscreen and windowed compiled versions.

Download x86 | Download x64 – SPIGA v1.25 (x86/x64) – 03.12.2013 – 344 KB / 442 KB