Syntix_Menu0An Amiga remake game. Coded an Windows XP (x86), which was for gamecoders a must do to push up their coding skills in the classic AmigaBASIC language on Commodore Amiga 500, remembering it was an often coded gamemode at it’s time! The aim of Syntix is to catch as fast as possible a various order of stones. There are 6 gamemodes included: 60 Seconds, 90 Seconds and 120 Seconds where you must find a match of a 3×3 field and the quite difficult ones named 60 Wired, 90 Wired and 120 Wired, here the rows are in random size also the mainfield! Every gamemode has it’s own up to 100 highscores. Syntix isn’t a colourfull game but the greyshade colormode is used to get more atmosphere of the old days, hope so!

Download – SYNTIX v1.20 (x86) – 11.08.2012 – 232 KB