OSDM_Demo2The OldSkool DemoMaker (OSDM) creates demos like cracktros on the good old Amiga then: horizontal and sinus scrolling text, bouncing copperbars, starfield in different modes, colorfull plasma effects, logo with old stylish deforming, copper and frame effect, 3d ball, dot & vector object view with animation and rotation, replays music in +250 sound formats eg. MOD, SID, V2M, FC, TFMX, HIP, CUS, SAP and much more, free use of display (window or fullscreen), export optimized standalone executables (no files loaded), compressing executables by different packmodes will shrink size upto 92%, so is able to create 64K intros, option to pack medias to use real large files. Own script coding engine. Also a lot of examples, bitmap fonts and different tracker modules included. Have fun!

OSDM Videos by Peace | OSDM Videos by RoySAC | OSDM Videos by SKiD | OSDM on Pouët | Forum by Rebell

Download – OSDM v2.23.401 (x86) – 26.09.2010 – 17.29 MB