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If you got a trojan-alarm by one of the tools, please contact me
it’s a false/true alert coz it might be packed by upack


NoisePlug v2.1.7.580 (x86)
NoisePlug is a plugin based audio player. It supports 580+ exotic sound formats like: 669, AMF, AMS, DSM, FAR, IT, MED, OCT, MDL, MOD, MOL, MTM, NST, PTM, S3M, STM, ULT, UMX, WOW, XM, SC68, V2M, BP, BS, TFE. OKT, FC, SMOD, HIP, MON, CUST, SID, DM2, SID1, DW, MA, FRED, MK2, MO3, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, SND, VGM, JAM, SAP, PSF, CMC, CMR, DMC, MPT, MPD, RMT, TMC, HVL, AHX, GMC, PTK, STK, MID, MPA, CDA, MXM, WAV, GSF, SKM, NSF, NEZ, NSZ, NSD, KSS, HES, AY, CPC, VTX, SPX, […]. Also packed as: NPK, 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, JC, LZH, RAR and in Amiga PowerPacker, FImp, XPK, LZX, LhArc format. It’s able to detect and replay subsongs of SAP, SID, MDAT, TFX. It’s a tool to test different sound formats only (580 and more…)!

Update: 16/12/2011 | Testsongs | 5.16 MB | Download


Al’Pha v1.03 (x86)
A simple but specified picture viewer for masked images with the use of a PNG alpha-channel or transparency by a given colour. The image will be shown as it is without any border of its back colour or by its dimensions. It is able to set the RGB transparency even as the RGB colour balance, the percent of size, opacity factor, angle by degrees and flip-mode. Every setup can be saved and loaded as an individual preset. While displaying an image, the popup menu will give access to change the display at any time. Supported image formats: PNG, AmigaIFF, IBM, LBM, JPG, JPE, JP2, J2K, JPF, JPG2, JPX, JPM, MJ2, MJP2, TIF, TGA, BMP, EMF, WMF, AnimGIF, ICO and also packed as PP, XPK, IMP, JC, GZIP, BZIP2 and Raw ZIPped.

Update: 07/08/2011 | 244 KB | Download

Q-Link v1.01 (x86)
Quick Link is a unlimited URL link base for those who have a lot of user names and even a lot of passwords to login on websites or simply archive important links. Also you can select a category for each link and give a short message as info for what it was usable. It’s able to sort entries by header or give it a snapshot to remember it with ease. You can browse every link by simple double click or by call with 3 different anonym services (not recommended) and also by the set of 13 different translation languages (Google service). Link lists can be encode/decode by variable password if there were important login information defined. Also generate HTML sites by free selected tags to browse online only.

Update: 09/01/2011 | 278 KB | Download

HPiC v1.03 (x86)
High PNG Image Converter (HPiC) is an easy tool to convert and optimize pictures in a high compressed and lossless PNG image format by using the great PNGOUT tool by Ken Silverman. It’s own compression algorithm is almost 5-10% better than other similar tools! Support for a avail alpha channel (RGBA) and automatic reducing of palettized depth is used as default. The intention was an easy to use and free tool which is useable to compress images with a GUI. Supported formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, PCX, ICO and JP2. HPiC was fast coded for my own use only, so don’t expect to much. More info on Ken’s homepage.

Update: 17/10/2010 | 121 KB | Download

Tab2Spc v1.04 (x86)
Tab 2 Spc (Tab to spaces) convert text files within tabulator code #9 into correct formatted spaces only. If you’re tired to do it manually it could be an easy to use and fast tool to help you by the boring edit process. I coded it, coz I’ll publish some of my codes in forums using the tags, but the source won’t be correct displayed by the way if tabs used to format the source code, it will almost replaced by incorrect numbers spaces. To solve the problem simply select in- and out file, size of tab and convert, that’s all.

Update: 29/10/2009 | 38 KB | Download

OSDM – Frame Anim Creator v0.99 (x86)
Frame Anim Creator eg. FAC creates sprite-sheet animations for use in OSDM (or else). As example select a path of picture frames in GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF or Amiga IFF format even if packed in a couple of XPKF, PP20, ZIP and more, or select an existing animation ordered by FAC, that’s all. Blockwise, Vertical and Horizontal order supported. As special, animations can be saved as a high optimized (colour-reduced and lzw packed) PNG picture format so get the smallest results of images by using the Ken Silverman’s pngout tool, or as Bitmap in 1 – 32 colour depth. Like nearly all of my tools it also was created for my private use only, but someone more could find it as usefully, who cares.

Update: 01/09/2010 | 144 KB | Download

FImp DLL v1.0.0.0 (x86)
A Win32 Implode m68k ported library (DLL) to implode & explode files like the famous FImp tool on Amiga. Supported imploded formats are IMP!, EDAM, CHFI, PARA, RDC9, FLT!, Dupa and ATN!. The source is based on deplode.c by Stuart Caie, impImplodeBuffer by JOTD and his great m68k adaption. The fimp.dll is placed in the public domain (open source). Included source is adapted and optimized for Bloodshed Dev-C++ v4.9.9.2. Simple example to use with PureBasic also included. If you’re a developer, please don’t remove the history lines, that’s the only one I beg for!

Update: 01/12/2008 | OpenSource | 102 KB | Download

PP20 DLL v1.0.9.4 (x86)
A Win32 dynamic linked library (DLL) to decrunch & crack packed / encrypted files by the famous Amiga PowerPacker (v2.3 – v4.3).Supported crunched formats are PP11 / PP20 (data), PPLS (loadseg), PPbk (amos bank), PX20 (encrypted). The source is based on pplib.c (basic) by Stuart Caie and is placed in the public domain (open source). Included source is adapted and optimized for Bloodshed Dev-C++ v4.9.9.2 and will show my lame skills in coding of C. Simple example to use with PureBasic also included. If you’re a developer, please don’t remove the history lines, that’s the only one I beg for!

Update: 22/11/2008 | OpenSource | 58 KB | Download

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